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September 20, 2019


Finally Jay Smith is releasing not only his third solo album, but more importantly his first and long awaited, back to the roots country album. For several years Jay has been performing mainly country music on the live scene while touring Scandinavia as a solo artist or with his producer and musician Mattias Tell from Happy Street Productions and now with his new S.C.R Band. 

The eleven original songs are written by Jay Smith and Mattias Tell with the exception of the title track “Young Guns”, written by Mattias Tell and one of the most sought-after and respected songwriters and producers in Sweden, music producer Peter Kvint who is also involved in the track “Lucky Strike” together with Jay and Mattias. “Best Bad Suit” is written by Jays sister Alice Rose Smith with Jay and Mattias. One of the album tracks, “My Everything” released as a single earlier, has from the start received much radio attention and airplay from Swedish radio channel P4.

“Young Guns” released September 20, 2019 



February 22, 2019


In Jays own words – “Closing Time” is in short about how I met my wife.

Once again Jay teamed up with his co-writer, the well merited musician and producer Mattias Tell.

Strings arrangement by Max Wulfson and Contrabass by Henrik Bengtsson. Additional recordings by Charlie Storm and Lukas Ståhl. 

“Closing Time” releases world wide February 22, 2019. 


November 23, 2018


Today Jay releases My Everything, his fourth single this year from his upcoming full lenght album. My Everything is well produced country-pop with a driving beat that catches on with the first listening.


Jay Smith – My Everything, single released November 23, 2018

September 14, 2018


Let My Heart Go – the video edition was released today! Directed, filmed and edited by Linus Beimo of Beimo Productions (www.beimoproductions.com)

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August 31, 2018

“…I could use a little Moonshine baby
Gettin’ over you is hard work baby
Cut me loose break my chains
The sky is crying folks call it rain…”


In his own words – Let My Heart Go was the last song we wrote for the album. It’s a breakup song from the perspective of the person that’s being left behind. It’s a bit dark and bluesy. One of my favorites!

This is the third single Jay releases this year and once again he teamed up with his co-writer, the well merited musician and producer Mattias Tell. 


Jay Smith – Let My Heart Go – single release 31AUG18










August 28, 2018


The third single of the year – LET MY HEART GO – written and produced by Jay Smith and Mattias Tell will be released August 31 including a new music video by Beimo Productions. Check out the teaser and wait for Friday! 




June 08, 2018


“I’m going back to the roots, back to the beginning…” is the intro accompanied by heavy base drums in this up tempo, country influenced hit-warning that is the second single this year signed Jay Smith.

In his own words – “Roots” is really capturing the essence of the entire upcoming album in both getting back to nature and getting back to the more earthy tones of rock and roll, which is country and blue grass.

Once again Jay teamed up with his co-writer, the well merited musician and producer Mattias Tell. 



Jay Smith - Roots (2018)
Jay Smith – Roots (2018)









June 01, 2018

NEW SINGLE OUT JUNE 8 – one week to go!

The second single of the year – ROOTS -written and produced by Jay Smith and Mattias Tell will be released June 8 




February 09, 2018

 NEW SINGLE OUT TODAY – Ten Feet Off The Ground

  ”I’m down with punk, I’m down with the rockers, Im down with the blues.. and all the others…” 
  Ten Feet Off The Ground was one of the first songs to be written for my new album
  It has been a long time in the making for me; and my co-writer/producer Mattias Tell and I ended up
  making a very country influenced album
  I am very happy and proud of this as country has been something I have been wanting to do for a very
  long time
  Ten Feet Off The Ground is a song about hope and about longing and about finishing the journey


September 29, 2017

NEW SINGLE out today – Smash Into Pieces feat. Jay Smith

“Today my good friends Smash Into Pieces released a new single and I’m proud to say I’m one of the songwriters and singers on this amazing tune!

I first met these guys four years ago when signing with my management. We are on the same label and have often played at the same concerts. We thought it would be fun to do something together and I am really happy to be part of their new release Boomerang.”




January 29, 2016


In his own words: Out Of Life – It’s like a warm summer day. Floating in water and thinking about what life would be without the constant struggle that is living in the real world.

*US/Canada release February 19



January 11, 2016

Short update:

Jay announces upcoming single Out Of Life release date – January 29, 2016.

Stay tuned for details, pre-listening, tour updates and more!


Jay Smith - Out Of Life - single release January 29, 2016
Jay Smith – Out Of Life – single release January 29, 2016










August 7, 2015

”…here I come, here I am, NEVERNEVERLAND…”


Picking up the beat, Jay Smith releases the new single Neverneverland to follow the previous and very successful God Damn You released in January this year.

In a wish for carefreeness, power of letting go of constant anxiety and the always lingering Peter Pan complex of never wanting to grow up, the song Neverneverland was born.
With Neverneverland Jay is, with the support of guitarist and producer Mattias Tell, musically taking a step out of his comfort zone. Stylistically, the track sees Jay this time move away from his traditional sound to a perhaps more softly spoken track, showcasing a challenging shift.



January 14, 2015

“…I met an angel of death
when I was only 14
her taste was so consuming sweet
as only an angel’s could have been…”

It’s official… By innumerable world wide fan requests, Jay Smith has announced the release of his new, infectious and powerful single GOD DAMN YOU following the prior, critically acclaimed album King Of Man, released in December 2013.

God Damn You was chosen as a single because fans loved the song and took it to their hearts. The ballad tells the story of the overwhelming, unforgiving pain following the early loss of someone very close and the tormenting battle to live with the memories. God Damn You is based on a true story earlier in Jays life.

An early live version of the song was released on Jays YouTube a while ago and quickly went viral and requested at concerts. Fans from numerous parts of the world have written and witnessed of how the song has touched them and brought comfort in their lives.

Needless to say, the effect and response God Damn You has received thus far made this official single release a matter of course. 



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